An Introduction to DJI Drones

By Anthony Occhipinti

I had never used a drone but really wanted to try one. As a portrait, events and corporate photographer I’m always looking for ways to improve my story telling and offer something unique to my clients. I’d had my eye on adding a drone to my toolbox for some time, then when the DJI Phantom 4 came out I was intrigued enough to buy it.

I really wanted to dive into this without buying an expensive gimbal for my DSLR. Was I skeptical, YES! Was I afraid of not knowing how to pilot safely and effectively? YES! But the price was right, I got one and haven’t looked back.

mc1EI have the Phantom 4, which is $1400, but you can get started with a complete kit for around $500.

A camera drone is an amazing way to supplement your story telling, be it as a stills shooter or videographer. Tell the complete story with aerial establishing shots and stunning views. You can get into your first drone for as low as $500 for a complete kit and be confident that you don’t need to be a skilled pilot or a pro videographer to capture incredible content.

This is the first in a series of camera drone blogs I’m writing for Mike’s Camera. Its intention is to inform those who are unsure of where to begin, what to buy, etc. Over the course of the next few weeks and months we will go over unboxing your drone, provide tips and tricks to get cinematic results, offer up trouble shooting advice, cover the FAA’s new laws, talk camera settings and night flying, post production, accessories and almost anything you can think of on integrating these into your everyday workflow.

mc5ESacramento’s historic Tower Bridge from above

DJI Camera Drones Quick Comparison 

Phantom 3 StandardPhantom 3


Phantom 3 AdvancedPhantom 3


Phantom 3 ProPhantom 3


DJI P4Phantom


PowerPoint Presentation
Mike’s Camera is dedicated to educating people on the Phantom line of UAV’s, and to build a community of people who are inspired to take imagery and video above and beyond. Stay tuned to this exciting blog series to learn everything about the craft; doors will open for you as they have for me!

The title photo and the four above are from the Toll Brothers American Luxury Home Builder’s “Montecito” community in El Dorado Hills California. The sensor on these DJI Drones captures brilliant color, dynamic range and with RAW capabilities I can easily integrate drone images into my workflow.


Anthony is a Mike’s Camera customer and has been shooting event and portrait photography since he was 17 years old. As a non-apprehensive kid he wasn’t shy about approaching business owners and organizations; he learned an important lesson. Its not what you do, but how you do it.

His unfiltered, unorthodox approach has sketched a signature style in the market. He created Coruscating Images in 2015 and is enjoying much success.

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