Guest Blog Contributor Glynn Lavender Talks Creative Lighting Workshops

Hello, I am an Australian based professional photographer who travels the world teaching photography and leading photo tours to places such as India, Myanmar, Cuba and Africa to name a few. It’s my pleasure to be a guest contributor to Mike’s Camera blog!

One of my favorite things to do is share my photographic knowledge by leading Workshops. My motto is ‘Learning by Doing’ and that’s exactly what my workshops are all about. The goal of each event is to show you new ways to look at light and create dynamic images.

I will be running some lighting workshops with Mike’s Camera in Pleasant Hill and in Sacramento next week and I thought it would be nice to have a look at what we are going to learn during those events and invite you to take part.

First up is my Natural Light Portrait Workshop taking place in Pleasant Hill on August 23rd and in Sacramento on August 26th.

The word photography basically means ‘to write with light’ and that is exactly the focus of this day. We will be working on our understanding of light, learning how to see it, pose for it and sculpt with it.

Our morning session is a seminar where I will share my thoughts on light, posing and vision and we hone in on the skills necessary to capture beautiful images every time we go out to take images.

Phillip Island PortraitLR

Here is a simple natural light shot taken in a hallway. There is a door at either end of the hall and we have opened them to let light in. The light on the right is from the closest door, the light on the left from the furthest door. This is a super simple way to capture powerful portraits.

The key words for me – ‘every time we go out to shoot’ – when we start looking at light as our main source of creative inspiration rather than location then we are able to capture great images everywhere, anytime.

We’ll be taking some shots at this workshop in areas you would never consider if you were looking for a great location but by using great light we will capture great photos.


I’ve always thought of photography as magic tricks. You look at images and think ‘wow, I wonder how they did that’. Well, like magic tricks, it is just a series of steps. If you know the steps its easy and if you don’t it’s ‘magic’.

My natural light workshop will teach you the steps to capturing great images everywhere. Class sizes are small to make sure you have plenty of shooting time to cement the knowledge we have learned during the day.

The only skills you need to have for this event are a reasonable understanding of your camera. I will teach you the rest.

Pleasant Hill Aug 23  |  Sacramento Aug 26


My Creative Flash Bootcamp is taking place in Pleasant Hill on August 24th and in Sacramento on August 27th.

OK so bootcamp makes it sound like it’s going to be hard work but it’s not.

If the word photography means to ‘write with light’ then what better tool to use then flash. We literally get to write with light wherever we want.

This workshop will take all the stress out of using flash and show you how to get the most out of this incredibly creative tool both on camera and off camera.

You will learn how to get your flash exposure right first shot, every shot and that means you can concentrate on capturing great images rather than fiddling with technology.

Red Dress Swirl copyLR

The great thing about using flash is you can control the brightness of your skies. In the above shot, that I took yesterday, if I had to shoot natural light then the sky would have been washed out, with flash however I can create the mood in the scene I like and then light my subject with my flash.

Untitled1 copy 3LR

Another wonderful creative option flash allows is the ability to shoot directly into the sun and still have light on our subject. This opens up all kinds of opportunities that simply are not possible without flash.


Because flashes are small we can put them anywhere. In the above shot the flash is tucked inside the umbrella to create light where I want it. When you understand how flash works, shots like these take just minutes to set up and shoot.

Flash is nothing to be scared of and once you get past the learning stage you will find it quickly becomes your favorite lighting tool.

I hope you can join me for one or more of my workshops with Mike’s Camera. I am really looking forward to joining you!

Pleasant Hill Aug 24  |  Sacramento Aug 27

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