How to Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

Special moments happen spontaneously and you don’t always have your real camera at the ready. So you take out the camera that’s always with you, your smartphone, to capture the moment.

We’ve put together some tips for making the best pictures you can with your smartphone.

#1 Clean your lens. This is one of the most common reasons your pictures may not be turning out so well. With all the in-and-out of pockets and purses, the lens can get a build up of dirt and oil affecting your image quality.


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#2 Hold steady. Especially in lower light situations as your phone’s auto exposure system will have to use a slow shutter speed, which if not held steady will result in a a blurry picture. Anchor yourself against a wall or table to steady the shot, or use an accessory to stabilize your phone like the one below.phonepod

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#3 Use your feet. No zoom, no problem. Just move closer to your subject and fill the frame. Avoid the temptation to use the pinch zoom on your phone. All that does is crop, throwing away a lot of detail.


If you can’t physically get closer to your subject you might try this nifty little kit shown below – it includes a variety of compact lenses you put in front of your phone’s lens. ProMaster Mobile Lens Kit  |  Learn More


#4 Touch for focus. Touch your subject to tell the camera that’s where you want to focus. This ensures that it won’t focus on something in the foreground or background. 08_touch_shoot

#5 Use the +/- function. Just about all smartphone cameras have something called exposure compensation. This is the best way to easily control the brightness of your picture and create stunning contrast. Look for the +/- function on your phone. On an iPhone when you touch for focus you can then slide your finger up and down the screen to brighten and darken.


#6 Use gridlines. Both iPhone and Android phones have gridlines in their camera apps. This is a great tool for aligning the horizon and composing using the rule of thirds.


#7 Change your perspective. Chances are you snap your photos standing up or sitting down looking straight ahead. Instead, try to get down low or jump up on a chair to change your angle from the typical. Think birds eye or bugs eye view. Changing your elevation will make your photos stand out from the crowd.


#8 Photography is light. Without it there’s no photo. Whether using a phone or a true camera, look at the light. Where is it coming from? Is your subject in direct light or in shadow? Is it noon or late evening? Being aware of the light will take your photos to new heights!


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