Nikon Flash Seminar – Boulder

Discover the capabilities of your Nikon flash system in this informative evening program brought to you by Nikon and Mike’s Camera Boulder.

From still life and macro to casual and formal portraiture, using light from your Nikon flash can make a dramatic difference. Many up-and-coming photographers are reluctant to use flash – but with thoughtful use and some academic knowledge you’ll be making amazing artificially lit shots that look nothing like those typical deer-in-the-headlights flash snaps you’re wanting to avoid.

Nikon’s Terrence Campbell will be there with his expert knowledge & plenty of flash gear for you to touch and try.

What You’ll Learn
During this evening’s program we’ll learn all about Nikon’s flash system and how flash relates to ambient available light. You’ll learn to see how direction of light effects the outcome of the photo, as well how a lighting ratio makes your subject pop and fools the viewer into believing it’s totally naturally lit.

  • How aperture relates to flash
  • How shutter speed relates to flash
  • Light contrast
  • TTL triggering
  • Lighting ratios
  • Lighting modifiers
  • Guide number
  • Lighting patterns

Dates, Times & Locations

Wednesday August 31, 2016; 6:30PM – 8:30PM\

Boulder Store

$79 + Eventbrite Processing Fee

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