Introducing the Olympus PEN-F

Rangefinder style cameras were all the rage 50 years ago. Now they’re back – and in a big way. If you’re not familiar with the term rangefinder, simply stated the original film versions were very small, very quiet interchangeable lens cameras. They were smaller than their cousin, the single lens reflex camera, because instead of a mirror and prism to give the photographer a view through the lens, these had a little peep hole “rangefinder” that approximated what the lens was seeing.

Despite their popularity among street photographers and journalists the SLR became the choice of the mainstream because focusing and composing while viewing through the lens was far easier.

Fast forward to modern day and those original rangefinder issues are non-existent now that cameras like this new Olympus are using micro displays and precision optics to give you a through-the-lens experience without the size, weight and loudness of a DSLR.


Olympus has always been at the front of innovation, and in 1963 they came up with a clever way to merge the size & styling of a rangefinder with the advantages of a through-the-lens SLR. The original PEN F was a half frame camera – by slicing the 35mm fame in half they had room to design a prism and mirror into it. It served as their inspiration for the 2016 PEN-F.




Some Sample Images Captured with PEN-F

PEN-F BLK SLV & M.Zuiko Premium Lenses

The PEN-F is now available in silver or black – for $1,199.99 for the body only.


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