Ten Tips for the New Camera Owner

Got a new camera?! Here’s a quick list of 10 essential things every new camera owner needs to consider.

1. Set the Date and Time. This is one of the first things will camera will prompt you to do. Don’t skip this step. It’s important as every image is digitally encoded with the time and day. It will not print the date on your picture; rather, it saves the info with the picture. You’ll thank yourself later when looking for and organizing images. Remember too, when you travel to set the correct time zone for whereyou’ll be and set it back upon your return.

2. Format your memory cards in the camera. This is important and also must not be overlooked. Regardless if your media card is brand new or previously used, be sure to format it using the menu on your camera. DO NOT format it with your computer. It’s also a good idea to reformat your cards after you’ve saved the images elsewhere.sdcard

3. Charge your battery & have extras. Typically you should get about a day’s worth of picture taking with one battery, but if you don’t you’ll be glad you have a charged backup battery with you.

4. Set up your Wi-Fi. Your camera is most probably equipped with wireless technology so that you can easily transfer your best shots from the camera to your smartphone. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use this function as your camera and phone talk to each other directly.wfi

5. Start taking pictures in AUTO & concentrate on COMPOSITION. A well-composed photo with minor technical issues is far better than a technically perfect image with poor composition. Think about your framing – look up, down and all around in the viewfinder or screen, exclude or include details to create your narrative. Don’t put your subject smack dab in the center. Nail your compositions then move into more technical aspects of your photographic story telling.


6. Download a photo editor app to your smartphone. Snapseed is one of our favorites, and it’s free. Easily crop and massage your image into its best, then share to your social media empire. Download Snapseed on iPhone | Download Snapseed on Android.apps

7. Take a class. This is one of the BEST ways to become comfortable with your camera. You’ll learn and get inspired to make amazing images that will excite you. In fact, we’re offering five manufacturer-led seminars in January & February 2017. If you just got a new Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus or Panasonic this is a great time to learn directly from the maker of your camera! We offer a full curriculum of classes, see our full course offerings here.


8. Get a tripod & must-have accessories. While not absolutely required, there are some accessories the new camera owner ideally has. A tripod, a bag, protective filters, and an all-covered warranty are some essentials.


9. Shoot, shoot, shoot. As the cliche goes, practice makes perfect. Shoot early and often. You’ll see improvementalmost immediately. One of the best things about digital photography is once you’ve made the initial investment it costs almost nothing to shoot. Don’t get too carried away with the vast array of lenses and accessories you can get. All you need is one good camera, a good lens and ambition. You’ll be making amazing images in no time!shooter

10. Print, print, print. Nothing beats a tangible photograph in your hand. Seeing your images printed is thrilling and makes great personal art for your home and surroundings. You can order prints from Mike’s Camera directly from your smartphone or PC. Print at home on a photo inkjet printer, or on the go with Fujifilm’s SP-2 wireless Instax printer.









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