Total Eclipse of the Sun

On August 21, 2017 a solar eclipse will be visible in North America – and depending on where you are and weather permitting, a total solar eclipse can be seen. Learn all about the eclipse and feel free to sign up for our class at Park Meadows in July!

There’s a 65 mile zone that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina where you can catch the total eclipse. If you live near Denver, you’re less than 300 miles from two total eclipse viewing spots! If you’re in Northern California and up for a little longer trip, head up to Madras Oregon. If you cannot travel, you’ll still get to see a pretty spectacular partial eclipse.

The eclipse will happen Monday, August 21, 2017 just before noon.

ПечатьExperience a total solar eclipse within the viewing area indicated in the above grey zone. A partial eclipse will be viewable across North America, weather permitting of course.

Learn how to make the best image of the eclipse and gain general astrophotography knowledge in our class presented by Mike’s Camera Park Meadows, Tamron Lenses & Manfrotto Tripods.
Saturday, July 22nd.

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If you plan to photograph the eclipse, you’ll have to use an extreme neutral density filter. We have two sizes and step rings to accommodate nearly any lens you may have. Use this to not only protect your eyes, but to also capture discernible details that would be missed without the filter. Solar Filter

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In order to see the eclipse safely and clearly you’ll need to get yourself a pair of eclipse safe solar glasses. We have them for just $1.99.


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For a more immersive viewing experience pick yourself up an Eclipse Viewer, also only $1.99.

Eclipse Viewer

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