Why should you archive your family photos?

We’ve all heard the stories. Someone you know has lost their home to a fire, had a basement flood, or went through a tragedy where the family photo albums are destroyed, photos are all stuck together or things get lost in the messiness of life.

When people have a moment’s notice to grab a few things before evacuating in the face of a wildfire or other natural disaster, they inevitably go for their important documents, their computer, maybe something of sentimental value, but always they take some photos.

Fortunately, it is cheaper and easier than ever to wholesale scan and digitize your entire photo collection. We can help. From slide trays and carousels, to shoeboxes of prints, to fading photo albums we can scan it all.

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Still, we know this makes sense but we haven’t made time to start in on it. Here are a few reasons to move this to the top of your “to-do” list.

Sharing is the ultimate form of archiving. In the event of a tragedy, having photos already in other family members’ hands is the most certain way your family’s legacy in photos lives on. And digitizing makes it easier than ever to share. Once digitized, you can easily create a Dropbox or Google Drive, or other cloud storage solution to share all of your photos with other family members. Keep in mind posting pictures on social media like Facebook or Instagram dramatically decreases the quality, and for that reason is not a viable solution for archiving.

Dropbox GDrive
If you have a Google account or an Android phone you already have 1 Gigabyte FREE storage. Dropbox offers a similar free solution.

Old photos are rapidly deteriorating.
Exposure to UV light, contaminants in the room and pure and simple age cause silver halide images to slowly fade and yellow. Scanning them right away will preserve them from future damage; it also gives you the opportunity to have us restore an extra meaningful one back to pristine condition.Poster-Restoration15

View photos from generations ago on your modern television, tablet and smartphone. Not too many of us have a slide projector anymore, or a way to view old negatives. Not only does digitizing your old originals give you the opportunity to view them on your modern devices, you now have an electronic archive.


It’s plain fun! Share your family history on Facebook with throw-back Thursdays (#TBT) or start filling in your family genealogy. Or make modern day photo albums mixing old photos and context from your family history with new photos and content, by making personalized photo books or video slideshows to show your content.

Ask any of our Certified Photographic Consultants’ how to best tackle whatever photos you have. We have economical, large quantity scanning services for almost every photographic format. It’s easier than you ever thought possible, it’s rewarding and it’ll bring life to treasures you may not even know you had!

Stop in soon with your digitizing project!

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